The Stolen Princess (2018) Tamil Telugu Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Download

The Stolen Princess

The Stolen Princess (2018) Tamil Telugu Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Download

Kids and grown ups can both enjoy this classic tale of love and magic.

Cast & Crew
Director: Oleh Malamuzh
Actor: Nadezhda Dorofeeva, Aleksey Zavgorodniy, Yevhen Malukha, Serhiy Prytula, Yuriy Horbunov, Oleg Mikhaylyuta, Nikolay Boklan, Mariya Efrosinina
Release Date: 24 Aug, 2018

The Stolen Princess (2018) Tamil Telugu Hindi Dubbed Review:
“The taken Princess” is that the 1st animation film in English from land to hit the Indian screens and it’s at par with different animated films from Hollywood studios. The film is predicated on AN epic Russian fairy tale — “Ruslan and Ludmila” — revealed in 1820, within the variety of a literary work by the author Pushkin. it’s the romance of Mila, a patrician and Ruslan, AN actor WHO dreams of being a knight. below constant scrutiny of her over-protective father, Mila hates the life she leads. therefore at some point she escapes from her palace and wanders into city. And whereas she is wandering within the streets, some ruffians harass her and Ruslan involves her rescue. He saves her from her tormentors and falls infatuated along with her while not realising that she may be a patrician.

It is only the evil magician and magician Chornomor abducts Mila and also the King decrees that the knight WHO rescues her will marry her, Ruslan realises that Mila may be a patrician. He then goes on a good journey together with his friend Nestor and his pet bird to avoid wasting the patrician. The narrative, that bookends with, “Long time agone…” and “they lived mirthfully ever after”, is certain and often seen. whereas the animation and voice solid ar of ace quality, the plot at the side of the character graphs looks to be idly written. The characters ar archetypes and also the story is ready-made. Not enough time is given to the characters to make or for US to take a position in them showing emotion.

What you get is AN action-packed drama that’s automatically mounted. Ruslan’s obstacles, for instance, ar AN anthropomorphous cat that turns into an enormous monster, an enormous head, a military of zombies and a lava-stone formed monster that chases him and his friends. Nothing ever looks to be of great consequence. each sequence is treated gently and over a amount of your time the narrative gets boring and loses its charm. The dialogues too ar unexceptional. the sole character that stands move into terms of keeping you engrossed is Nestor. He has the most effective lines. together with his humourous one-liners he keeps you engaged. Overall, the film sans any life’s lessons is sort of a video-game of a fairy tale wherever the hero goes from stage to stage defeating his enemies.


The Stolen Princess (2018) Tamil Telugu Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Download ( Link Tamil Telugu Hindi Coming Soon )
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